In Slovakia, the victory of the liberals is “more than a defeat” by Robert Fico

The victory of the pro-European opposition party Progressive Slovakia (PS), with 27.81% of the vote and three points ahead of Smer, a populist party led by the pro-Russian Prime Minister, Robert Fico (24.73%), was received with unfeigned satisfaction by a large part of the press. “The victory of the PS is more than a simple defeat of Smer. It is the hope that dignity, truth and competence still have a chance”, thus welcomes Dennik N.

“For Slovak political reality, these elections are no less important (than the others). Although we have not elected a government or president, the victory of the PS is a big deal. This is the message that not everything (in this country) automatically belongs to Fico. That the voters of the Democratic parties were not afraid and did not want to give up”insists the liberal daily.

“Despite the assassination attempt of which Robert Fico was the targetwhich has become the central theme and even paralyzed the campaign for the European elections in recent weeks, Smer, the most powerful ruling party, did not win the elections”, observes for its part the daily general

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