In the DRC, a new government which reflects the failure in the war in North Kivu

“Tshisekedi finally holds his government”, comments La Libre Belgique. “It was time !” exclaims The evening. More than five months after the re-election of Félix Tshisekedi as head of the country, the government of Prime Minister Judith Suminwa was made public very early on Wednesday, May 29. According to the website of Radio Okapi, the team has 55 members, including six deputy prime ministers, nine ministers of state and four deputy ministers.

For its part, the Deutsche Welle underlines the number of women, 18, in a government led by a Prime Minister: six women ministers, three delegate ministers, four women vice-ministers and four women ministers of state. Appointments which indicate the feminization of the Congolese government.

More broadly, this expected announcement, asserts Afrik, was made “in a cascade of anticipations and false starts”, even though the security situation in the eastern region of North Kivu remains, according to the pan-African media, “insurrectional”.

More precisely, detailed Afrikarabia in a detailed analysis, this new government, announced almost in cat

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