“Injustice”: the American conservative press makes Trump a victim

“Guilty.” Most American daily newspapers make their headlines about the guilt of Donald Trump, after the announcement of the historic verdict rendered by the jurors of the Manhattan court, who found him guilty of all the charges against him. But not THE New York Post, who decided to take the opposite approach, while focusing on surprising sobriety.

Only the word “INJUSTICE” crosses the front page of the New York tabloid which specifies that “the Manhattan jurors, like hitmen, were on duty to make Trump the first American president to be criminally convicted”.

In his editorial, on the other hand, the New York Post, faithful to his habits, don’t mince your – big – words. For the conservative tabloid, Trump was indeed “victim of a ‘whore’ court – yet another reason for the court of public opinion to vote against Joe Biden in November”. The newspaper estimates that “violations of the most basic of justice have been legion” throughout this trial for “falsification of accounting documents” in the Stormy Daniels affair.

“A dark day for the nation”

Same story for the conservative daily Washington Examiner, for which Trump was “victim of a travesty of justice”. And the newspaper observed, not without emphasis, in its editorial, that the fact that for the first time in history a former American president was convicted by the criminal justice system “can only be considered a dark day for the nation.”

It’s a “dark day, not because of the guilty verdict, but because this trial was a travesty from start to finish,” continues the conservative daily, emphasizing that“it is clear that no one other than Trump would have been charged – or convicted – in this way”.

It remains to be seen whether this verdict and the sentence, which will not be pronounced by the judge before July 11, will change. the course of the electoral campaign. For the New York Post, in any case, it’s a foregone conclusion: “Some polls suggest that the guilty verdict will benefit Trump, because it is proof that Democrats have used the justice system against him.” “Which they most certainly did,” concludes the newspaper.

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