Israel-Hamas. At the Arab League summit, a mix of intransigence and moderation

The final declaration of the Arab League summit, held Thursday May 16 in Bahrain, calls for the deployment of “UN peacekeeping forces in the occupied Palestinian territories” until the establishment of a Palestinian state, reports the Saudi daily Arab News.

“We demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to any attempt at forced displacement (of Palestinians) and an end to all forms of blockade to allow full and lasting access to aid” humanitarian, adds the press release, still according to Arab News.

Condemnation of Hamas

Behind these points of principle forcefully reaffirmed, the press release nevertheless bears the mark of great moderation. Far from expressing their support for Hamas, the delegates of the twenty-two Arab countries present call on all Palestinian factions – notably Hamas – to line up behind the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), dominated by the president’s Fatah of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and who is “the only legitimate representation of the Palestinian people”.

On the other hand, several Arab leaders took advantage of the summit to denounce the escalation which fuels “the hemorrhage of

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