Legislative: on the right, “the Republican dike will collapse”

Earthquake within the French right. The president of the Les Républicains party, Éric Ciotti, announced on Tuesday June 11 his desire to seal an electoral alliance with the National Rally in view of the anticipated legislative elections, set for June 30 and July 7.

“I hope that my political family will move in this direction,” he explained as “staff”, on the set of TF1’s “1 p.m.” The deputy for Alpes-Maritimes thus intends to form a “national bloc”, which, according to him, would correspond to the wishes of the activists of his political family. Several other LR officials immediately disavowed their leader.

For Mauro Zanon, correspondent in France for the Italian centrist newspaper Il Foglio, this election foreshadows an unprecedented recomposition of the French right.

Is the RN capable of taking power after the legislative elections?

In view of the declarations coming from certain members of LR, including Éric Ciotti, this is in any case the first time that the Republican dike will collapse. The famous sanitary cordon is broken. The Gaullists have already had experience of government, and this goes hand in hand with a desire to move towards this union of the rights, which we have been talking about for a long time. Marion Maréchal campaigns for. Jordan Bardella seems convinced. Éric Ciotti is not part of the Macron-co wing

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