Let’s count the sheep

Dear readers, dear readers,

We could have spoken to you for lines and lines about the commemorations of the Landing, which caused a lot of ink to flow in the foreign press, and in particular among our Russian colleagueswho do their own deciphering… We could also have returned, on this electoral Sunday, to the European campaign but, due to the reserve period, we will not say more until this evening.

But on this Sunday which promises to be somewhat stormy, if we are to believe Météo France and the polls, we prefer to talk to you about sheep. Yes, sheep! Animals with woolly hair, which have already amused the French press a lot last month. But their crazy adventure also interests our Italian neighbors.

Let me recap: four sheep named Phil Tondu, Marguerite Duprés, John Deere and Valériane Deschamps were registered as students in the school group of the municipalities of Nitting, Voyer and Hermelange, in Moselle. The initiative aims to protest against the thresholds set by National Education, and the possible closure of the fifth class of the establishment. A threat faced by many rural communities. The approach greatly intrigued the Corriere della Sera, who returns in his article to this law which clearly penalizes the least populated territories.

To find the comments of the Italian newspaper, and those of the BBC, which was interested in a similar story in 2019, it’s this way.

Happy Sunday and happy reading.

— Virginie Lepetit

Unknown element

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