Offensive against deepfakes, AI is not so smart, Amazon takes off

The American elections are approaching. It is therefore no coincidence that the authorities intend to show their firmness towards the authors of deepfakes imitating and manipulating the voices of political figures. The FCC, the American Federal Communications Commission, has just imposed a fine of 6 million dollars on Steve Kramer, a very shady “political consultant”, designer of a pre-recorded telephone message, in which a more real Joe Biden that nature called on its voters not to vote in the New Hampshire primary elections. TechCrunch recalls that, since February 2024, the use of conversational robots has been prohibited in these massive telephone campaigns, but the effects of such regulation still remain uncertain. Drugstores like Life Corporation, Steve Kramer’s company, hidden by swarms of subcontractors, are difficult to detect; moreover, for the moment they only incur administrative sanctions and not legal convictions. Deterrence is not easy…

In the meantime, we cannot stop progress. According to Fast Company, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British association against online disinformation also based in Washington, succeeded, for the experiment, in getting a few political luminaries to say nonsense. Emmanuel Macron, or rather his cloned voice, admitted to having embezzled electoral funds; Joe Biden accused himself of presidential fraud and Donald Trump dissed

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