Peggy Gou, the South Korean DJ who “breathes happiness”

DJs have a strange job. Concretely, their job consists of playing in the evening, making people dance, and filling an entire night with festivities by stringing together songs. But in reality, their function is much broader: they are not just icons of good taste, who know the best sounds inside out. They are there above all to set an example, to put the public in the mood.

Ricardo Villalobos and his sweat-soaked smiles, Sven Väth and his dance moves, Steve Aoki and his unmissable jumps… DJs live their mission right down to their bodies. And that’s what makes them so popular.

Peggy Gou beams. No other DJ in the world is as luminous as her. There are thousands of photos of the young woman, on her social networks and those of her fans. Of course, she always looks beautiful there. But above all, she is happy – genuinely happy. As if nothing could please her more than being where she is: on the beach after a set, on the red carpet, in a hotel room, at a restaurant table.

Light as cotton candy

And happy of course, on stage, behind the decks. “Thank you Madrid”, she wrote on her Instagram account. Thank you London, Paris (or more precisely Vincennes, where the DJ was the guest of the We Love Green festival, June 2), Brisbane, Dubai. Thank you for giving me the chance to be here.

It would be tempting to scoff. However, this joy of living is a real feat. Today, almost everyone is capable of having good musical taste. But who can boast of breathing happiness like this?

Peggy Gou’s very first album, I Hear You, comes out this Friday (June 7). On the program, ten pieces built around his fabulous (It Goes Like)Na

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