PlanB: post-halving Bitcoin pump imminent, indicator turns green

The popular Dutch analyst PlanB, who you may know from the famous Stock-to-Flow Model, is currently very bullish about the Bitcoin price. In a new video on YouTube, PlanB provides an update on its model, which was traditionally used for the valuation of raw materials (including gold).

The S2F model from PlanB

The S2F model predicts the performance of an asset based on its scarcity. According to the model, if the scarcity of an asset increases, the price will also increase. Historically, the S2F model has been successful in predicting the onset of strong Bitcoin bull markets.

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“It is the first month after the halving and the start of a new cycle. In my opinion, Bitcoin will pump after the halving just like in the past. I think we will see price explosions again, that is the core of the S2F model, but time will tell,” said PlanB.

Furthermore, PlanB is currently looking at the Realized Price of Bitcoin – the average price at which all Bitcoin last changed addresses on the blockchain. In particular, the 5-month Realized Price has historically been a strong support during bull markets.

At the time of writing, it is $60,000 for Bitcoin. That is exactly where Bitcoin found a lot of support during the last severe correction.

Bitcoin price is on the rise

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is on a cautious rebound. The Bitcoin price is currently clocking in at $69,058 and is up 2.28% over the past 24 hours.

Only BNB does better with an increase of 5.11% when we look at the coins in the top 10. Ethereum has to make do with an increase of about 1% and comes in at a price of $3,817.

This month could be a very special one for Ethereum, because the ETFs are about to be launched in the United States. If that launch is as successful as that of the Bitcoin ETFs, significant increases are in store for the price of Vitalik Buterin’s coin.

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