Seen from Slovakia. Targeted by an attack three weeks ago, Robert Fico is already going “on the offensive”

“Fico’s message: everything is as before”, observe the daily Sme in a somewhat disillusioned tone. “Since May 15, we have continued to hear, and rightly so, that for the efforts of all those who wish to achieve a certain form of reconciliation to succeed, the first words of Robert Fico will be decisive. . (…) The disappointment is as high as the hope”, explains the country’s main general daily.

He claims not to feel “no hatred towards the stranger who shot (him), a 71-year-old man since detained, whom Fico described as “messenger of evil and political hatred, which the unsuccessful and frustrated opposition in Slovakia has developed to proportions that have become uncontrollable”. Since then, he has said he is ready to gradually resume his duties from the end of June, in a video posted on Facebook.

In a fourteen minute long recording, “the Prime Minister has shown himself to be true to himself”, according to Dennik N

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