Seen from Ukraine. Strikes in Russia: kyiv welcomes Macron’s remarks and tackles the “slug slowness” of others

“President Emmanuel Macron considers that kyiv has the right to strike military targets on the territory of the Russian Federation,” announcement Evropeiska Pravda, the version of site Ukrainska Pravda devoted to issues related to Euro-Atlantic integration. Evropeiska Pravda then quotes Macron’s statement: “We must allow them (the Ukrainians) to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired.”

The information portal News Online evokes a “strong statement”, by which “French leader Emmanuel Macron has officially confirmed that he supports Ukraine’s right to strike military targets on Russian territory for its own defense.”

In another article, News Online wants to see in this speech proof that, vis-à-vis Russia, “the patience of the French is running out”. In doing so, estimates the site Commentary, France stands out:

“We are witnessing the fear among heads of state who have key influence over our partners about strikes on the

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