Silicon Valley and Elon Musk take a liking to Donald Trump

“Silicon Valley’s elite are starting to like Donald Trump,” title the Financial Times. “Some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture capitalists will host a fundraiser for Trump in June, illustrating Republican inroads into the world of tech donors, overwhelmingly Democratic,” reports the economic newspaper.

Palmer Luckey, founder of the company virtual reality Oculus VR (now Meta Quest), would be behind another event to finance Trump’s campaign for the presidential election on November 5, 2024.

“In the past, supporting Trump publicly was taboo in Silicon Valley,” but it is changing under the effect of “frustrations around BidenDemocrats and the state of the world”, confirmed The New York Times.

Disappointed by Biden

Certainly, tempers the newspaper, “not everyone is concerned, far from it: a large part of Silicon Valley (…) remains loyal to the Democrats”. The fact remains that investors seduced by the right “are

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