Starving like a vegetarian in France

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Is it the feeling of a huge hangover coming? It may be a little awkward to ask this question on a Sunday morning. But a few days before the European elections, it is clear that political editors across the continent, including correspondents in France, are starting to nervously tap their fingers on their keyboards. Will there be, and to what extent, a tidal wave of radical rights in the European Parliament? Will Jordan Bardella and the National Rally be in a position of strength in France?

Articles questioning the weight of the extreme right in France have been legion in recent days. In London, The Economist sent its correspondent to the North, to Flixecourt, to speak with voters (at read again here). In Milan, the Corriere della Sera reported on Marine Le Pen’s highly publicized visit to Pas-de-Calais, to Lillers, from where she launched a coalition request to Giorgia Meloni (to read again here). Politico, European magazine published in Brussels, finally, brilliantly summarized the question, with a candy pink Jordan Bardella in the style of Ken, Barbie’s alter ego, on the front page (if you haven’t seen it, she is here), and the question of knowing

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