The European campaign in France undermined by violent news

Riots in New Caledonia, attack on a prison van with heavy weapons, one died during an attempted fire in a synagogue… As the European vote on June 9 approaches, the “electoral campaign is shaken by the wave of violence hitting France”, title Politico. The European edition of the American magazine observes that the President of the Republic is finding it increasingly difficult to make his pro-European message heard in France, collapsing under a veritable wave of violent events in the country’s news.

Emmanuel Macron faces the storm of the century”, even estimates the magazine. “If the latest events, however shocking and violent they may be, are not necessarily linked to each other, the media flood provides the far-right campaign with much grist for the mill.” A situation which only confirms the trend observed in the polls, where the National gathering continues to keep the list of Re at a safe distance

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