VanEck predicts Ethereum price of $154,000 by 2030, here’s why

Ethereum has caught the attention of investors and analysts due to a new prediction from VanEck. The asset manager predicts that in the most bullish case, Ethereum could reach a value of as much as $154,000 by 2030. Let’s take a look at the details of this prediction and what it means for the future of Ethereum.

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Ethereum’s expected price increase

In the recently released reportt vanEck, a base case scenario values ​​Ethereum at $22,000 by 2030, which represents an increase of about 490% from the current price. This forecast is based on Ethereum’s expected liability of $66 billion in “free cash flows” during that period. In addition to these two positive scenarios, a negative scenario is also possible, in which the Ether price would fall to a measly $360.


Ethereum as an economic platform

It report highlights Ethereum’s position as a fundamental economic platform that can be considered a “Digital Mall”. It has transacted a whopping $4 trillion worth of stablecoins in the past year and facilitated more than $5.5 trillion worth of these tokens. Moreover, the market capitalization of stablecoins on Ethereum is more than $83 billion.

Influence on other sectors

In addition to the financial sector, VanEck also sees potential for Ethereum in the AI ​​sector. The network’s infrastructure is expected to play an important role in the growing AI industry. Ethereum is said to offer “essential features” for the development of AI applications.

Ethereum’s future prospects

Ethereum’s impact also extends beyond its financial capabilities, according to VanEck, as it enables entrepreneurs to create more compelling and lucrative applications in its accessible and open-source environment. Ethereum is expected to generate 71% of its revenue from financial companies by 2030, while other sectors such as AI will also contribute significantly to its revenue stream.

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