What kinds of things do Sam Altman and Argentinian President Javier Milei discuss

Recently an unexpected meeting took place between two divergent worlds. Enter Sam Altman, the co-founder of OpenAI, and Argentine President Javier Milei meet to talk about a possible investment by Worldcoin in the South American country. The discussion, which took place in San Francisco, also covered topics such as artificial intelligence and preparing humanity for its impact.

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Tools for Humanity meets Argentinian president

The meeting between Tools for Humanity co-founders Altman and Alex Blania with President Milei marks a new chapter in the Worldcoin project’s efforts to win over world leaders. Tools for Humanity, which is closely linked to OpenAI, is the driving force behind the Worldcoin project. Mr. Altman previously met with leaders from Malaysia to discuss similar initiatives.

Worldcoin’s Global Efforts

Despite previous criticism from governments, Worldcoin is taking steps to improve its image regarding the protection of personal data. Earlier this month, Altman and Blania met government leaders in Malaysia. However, the possibility of a Worldcoin investment in Argentina hangs in the balance, given recent regulations that cast doubt on Milei’s administration’s stance towards crypto.

Proof-of-humanity projects on the rise

Worldcoin tries to distinguish itself by issuing WLD tokens to people who have their eyes scanned to prove their humanity. This initiative has the support of a large number of quartermasters as several companies focus on creating proof-of-humanity tools amid advances in artificial intelligence. These companies only have the expectation that the Internet will increasingly be led and controlled by AI agents.

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