Zelensky’s visit to France: a fruitful trip

The Ukrainian president took advantage of his stay in France, on the occasion of the commemoration of the D-Day landings, to launch a major charm offensive, in which his wife Olena, highlights the everyday Gazeta. For example, the first lady of Ukraine wrote on social networks on June 6: “Today, 80 years later, as Ukraine faces a new Nazism, the Allied landing in Normandy takes on a new symbolic meaning, as it reminds the world of the importance of acting together in the fight against the evil.”

Meeting with Joe Biden

“Nearly 80 years have passed since the last battles of the Second World War. However, evil has managed to regain strength and is once again trying to take over Europe comments on the television channel on its website Vikna with a certain grandiloquence. Ukraine is now fighting for its freedom and that of the entire world. (…) And it is in order to ensure more support from the European political class that President Zelensky went to France.”

After Normandy, detailed Gazeta in another articleZelensky was able to meet in Paris with the American president Joe Bidenwhich “started the discussion by apologizing” to his Ukrainian counterpart, for the delay in the aid granted to Ukraine. Zelensky, specifies the daily, hastened in response to insist on “the importance of permanent support from Washington”. However, note Gazeta :

“Despite all the grand pronouncements about America’s unwavering support, the stubbornness of Republicans in Congress and the isolationist tensions in American politics have demonstrated the fragility of the support in question.”

Whatever happens, says editorialist Vitaliy Portnikov, still for Gazeta, the moment of this Parisian meeting “is decisive, because if Russia wins, it will impose its political hegemony in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.” Before meeting Joe Biden, Zelensky had another important meeting this Friday, June 7, since he spoke in front of the deputies of the National Assembly. An equally momentous moment, ensures the information site NV. auwhich earned the president “to be given a standing ovation”.

“Thank you so much”

But the information that most excites the Ukrainian editorial staff, the day after this visit, relates to the future delivery of Mirage 2000-5, announced by Emmanuel Macron, “a device that will be very effective in combating cruise missiles and Shahed kamikaze drones”, indicates the information portal Glavkom. However, “France, as was to be expected, has remained cautious about the number of planes it plans to transfer to kyiv. The exact quantity is not known”.

Which does not prevent political scientist Viktor Taran from making a prognosis on the subject on the Lviv daily website Vyssokiy Zamok. “We can hazard a guess as to their number,” he says. “We know that Ukraine has requested from the allies no less than 120 F-16 fighters. We were promised 95. Consequently, the difference of 25-30 devices will probably be covered by France. Yes or no, we will know soon.”

After having analyzed in a few lines the characteristics of “this fighter which played a major role in the French air force from the mid-1980s”, Taran adds that he is “very important to know that certain modified versions of the Mirage can carry SCALP missiles”. He even allows himself a prediction:

“As France has authorized us to use its weapons to strike Russian territory, soon our strikes will increase deep into Russian territory.”

And Viktor Taran, satisfied, concludes with a vibrant: “For now, we are going to tell France and Macron Thanks a lot.” In french in the text.

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