At Trump’s trial, twelve ordinary jurors with extraordinary courage

At a time when Americans can barely agree on the color of the sky or the color of the grass, five men and seven women, who did not know each other until two months ago, agreed that Former President Donald Trump was guilty of 34 counts of falsifying his company’s accounts, which is a criminal offense. They delivered their verdict solemnly, seriously, after two days of deliberations.

These jurors deserve the gratitude of each of their fellow citizens, not for finding Trump guilty, but because they did their civic duty under extraordinary circumstances. A former president was on trial for what Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said amounted to election fraud.

The “great courage” of the jurors

These jurors come to remind us that, in our democracy under strain, ordinary citizens weigh in the balance. They have the ability to digest complicated documents, appreciate the complexity of human nature and not be intimidated by bluster and intimidation. They can be brave. And it took a certain courage to sit in this

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The Washington Post (Washington)

The major daily newspaper of the American capital and one of the most influential titles in the world press. Traditionally center right, The Washington Post owes his reputation to his legendary investigative work in the Watergate affair, which led to the fall of President Nixon in the early 1970s. He is also distinguished by his very in-depth coverage of American political life, his analyses, his reports , as well as by its numerous columnists from all political sides.
First daily newspaper to appear seven days a week (in 1880) and to appoint a mediator to monitor the independence of the newspaper (since 1970), Tea W.P. often knew how to evolve before others. It was from the 1930s that it really took off, following its acquisition by Eugene Meyer, before experiencing its hour of glory under the leadership of his daughter, Katharine Graham.
In 2013, the newspaper controlled for eighty years by the Meyer-Graham family was bought by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. Since Post placed emphasis on new technologies. Developers and data scientists live together in its new offices with journalists; titles are often more catchy and suitable for the web. Jeff Bezos invested significant sums which enabled the hiring of 140 journalists, after years of layoffs. But revenues remain insufficient and the future still raises concerns.
The website of Washington Post is very complete and attracts many Internet users from abroad. In recent years, it has experimented with very ambitious formats, particularly in terms of immersive journalism.

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