Netanyahu shows a map of Morocco “separated from its Sahara”, Israel apologizes to Mohammed VI

During an interview given on May 30 to French television channels LCI and TFI, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahubrandished, during his argument, a map on which we can see Morocco “separated from its Sahara”, reports the website of the Moroccan weekly As is.

However, continues As is supporting photo, the world map ostentatiously hung in Netanyahu’s office had been “corrected” and shows a sovereign Morocco over these disputed territories. A “correction” carried out following a photo which showed, in 2023, “Netanyahu with his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloniwith a truncated map of Morocco as a backdrop”, according to the terms of the Moroccan press.

“Should we therefore see in the card brandished by the Israeli Prime Minister a provocation towards Morocco and its territorial integrity following the condemnations of the attacks perpetrated by

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