Buying alcohol from the producer, the end of the Swedish exception?

If everything goes as hoped by the Swedish government, fans (aged 20 and over) will be able to buy their supplies directly from a producer of wine, beer and strong alcohol from spring 2025. “It is a reform of freedom. Sweden will look a little more like the rest of Europe,” welcomed the Prime Minister, the conservative Ulf Kristersson, while presenting the project to the press on Wednesday June 5.

Until now, any individual over the age of 19 living in Sweden can only buy this type of drink in one of the 450 stores (closed on Sundays) of Systembolaget, the public chain which holds the monopoly in the sector. However, beer containing a maximum of 3.5% alcohol is also sold in grocery stores and supermarkets.

“It was time”

This should change. But the reform announced “is not without restrictions”, observe the Svenska Dagbladet, daily of the same tendency as the Prime Minister. In fact, the quantities and conditions of sale will be strictly regulated.

Each customer will only be able to purchase a maximum of three liters of wine, three liters of strong beer, three liters of other

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