Cardano founder is done with the gossip: “We are not going to break”

Despite widespread media speculation about Cardano’s viability, founder Charles Hoskinson has issued a strong rebuttal. He revealed detailed plans for future developments that underscore the cryptocurrency’s robust health and promising future.

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Cardano founder against crypto media

In a declaration Hoskinson expressed his frustration with the current perception of ADA in the crypto media. He emphasized that Cardano faces important developments, including the “most significant hard fork in the project’s history.”

Important developments

The upcoming one Chang Hard Fork marks a crucial step towards full decentralization, with the introduction of delegated representatives (DReps) and improved on-chain governance. Additionally, Hydra, a layer-two scalability solution, is maturing, while new partner chains such as Midnight and Prism are being introduced.

Active participation from the community

Cardano’s community is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of DApps and a focus on blockchain scalability research. Major events such as the Rare Evo blockchain convention and the Cardano Foundation Summit are organized, in addition to participation in TOKEN2049.

Future perspective

The Project Catalyst initiative continues to be a driving force for community-led innovation, with plans for a constitutional convention in Buenos Aires to establish the framework for decentralized governance.


With a clear message to critics, Hoskinson stated that Cardano is here to stay and will continue to play a leading role in solving real economic, political and social issues. This not only refutes claims about the end of Cardano, but also challenges the crypto community to recognize and engage with the substantial progress.

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