Cardano (ADA) represents a huge breakthrough towards complete decentralization

Cardano is finally about to enter the final phase of its ambitious roadmap: the Voltaire era. This upgrade promises, for now, to complete the piece of the puzzle by implementing CIP-1694, transforming the Proof-of-Stake Network into a fully decentralized form of governance.

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New node brings crucial Chang hard fork

The new node version 9.0, expected in June, will implement the Chang hard fork, which removes the existing genesis keys from the system to fetch. This suddenly gives the community members full control over the network. This in itself is a milestone for Proof-of-Stake networks, as it initiates controversial changes at the governance level.

Headline: Power to the community with burning genesis keys

The Chang hard fork sets the stage for its implementation CIP-1694a new and innovative proposal that aims to fully customize Cardano’s on-chain governance infrastructure by allowing ADA holders to take control of the network by submitting governance actions or votes on-chain.

After this adjustment and the completion of the Chang Hard Fork, all seven Genesis Keys will be burned.

Finally truly decentralized

Hoskinson speaks of “a decentralized civilization with the most advanced blockchain governance in the world.” It has been a long time in the making, but Cardano will soon indeed be one of the few fully decentralized digital assets. A big step for the development of the technology.

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