“Flipped flag” casts doubt on impartiality of US Supreme Court justice

After the presidential election of November 2020, “as Donald Trump supporters falsely claimed Joe Biden stole the election,” many of them posted a surprising symbol outside their homes, on their cars or on social media: “an upside down American flag”, remember The New York Times.

One of the houses with a star-spangled banner hung upside down at that time was “the residence of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. in Alexandria, Virginia”according to photographs obtained by the New York daily, which also conducted a series of interviews with the Supreme Court judge’s neighbors.

The photographs of the star-spangled banner flying upside down in front of the magistrate’s house were taken on January 17, 2021, “i.e. only three days before the inauguration of Joe Bidenand about ten days after Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol from Washington, January 6, 2021”recalls journalist Jodi Kantor in the c

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