In Senegal, Ousmane Sonko shocks after his virulent remarks against the media

“Those who looted public funds will pay.” This June 9, Ousmane Sonko’s speech did not go unnoticed and provoked numerous reactions.

Certainly, Seneplus reports a polite version of this intervention delivered in front of the Patriotic Youth of Senegal, the youth movement of his party, Pastef, on the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre. According to the Senegalese title, the Prime Minister swept away broad domestic and foreign policy themes: in-depth audits in more than 60 administrative structures to ensure the transparency and efficiency of institutions, the need to renegotiate mining and gas contracts to ensure that the Senegal’s natural wealth fully benefits its citizens, calling on President Bassirou Diomaye Faye to engage Senegal alongside countries pursuing Israeli leaders for crimes against humanity.

But it was his outing against the media that caused a large outcry in the country. South Daily relay more precisely his words which ignited

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