Ripple CTO refutes speculation about his departure from Ripple

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, recently debunked a persistent misconception about his possible departure. Amid rumors of a possible abandonment of its companion token, XRP, Schwartz stepped up to clarify the situation.

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Misconception about XRP Abandonment

The apparent confusion came from the Ripple CTO’s current biography, which states: “When a determined financial startup fights a web of corruption and betrayal to bring instant payments to the masses, they learn that the cost of disrupting the status quo is higher than they ever imagined, forcing them to choose between their vision and their survival.”

This statement has fueled rumors and gossip within the crypto industry and especially the XRP army, with some interpreting it as a hint that Ripple could possibly withdraw from XRP.

Schwartz’s response

In response to the growing speculation, Schwartz clarified the nature of his message. He explained that the statement was not reflective of any real world events; instead, it was a fictional pitch for a hypothetical movie.

Schwartz stated that the situations described in his post have not yet occurred, so his hypothetical musings and Ripple’s current activities regarding XRP cannot be compared.

Importance of clarification

Schwartz’s clarification remains crucial as Ripple gains traction with the upcoming launch of a stablecoin. Despite the speculation, there is no indication that Ripple has any plans to exit XRP. On the contrary, Ripple is actively working to expand the usefulness and adoption of XRP Ledger through various strategic partnerships.

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