The “frantic” campaign for the legislative elections is launched, and “everyone is going in blind”

While “the hangover hasn’t worn off yet” in France, after the large victory of Marine Le Pen’s far right in Sunday’s European elections and the dissolution “unexpected” of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron, the campaign “frantic” for the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7 is launched, and “everyone goes in blind”, observed El País.

“The maneuvers have already begun for an express campaign which will last barely three weeks, and over which the big question mark hangs: will the ultra formation win this time, finally and after multiple unsuccessful attempts ?”notes the Spanish newspaper.

Emergency meetings

On Monday, June 10, political parties held meetings “emergency” to survey their potential allies, with a view to the legislative vote “the most important in decades”, reports The Guardian.

The president of the National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella, the leader of the RN deputies, Marine Le Pen, and her niece, the head of the Reconquest list! newly elected to the European Parliament Marion Maréchal met to discuss a possible electoral coalition, reports the British newspaper.

“The country’s two main far-right forces have explored the possibility of allying against (Emmanuel Macron) in a showdown that could prove crucial for the future of France and the European Union,” comments Politico Europe.

THE “telegenic” boss of the RN, in the words of the Guardianalso said “tends (D) the hand” to the Republicans.

“The unexpected and risky decision to hold elections so quickly could give major political power to the far right, after years of being sidelined, and wipe out Mr. Macron’s presidency three years before it never ends. If the far-right party wins an absolute majority, the president would in effect lose control of most of French domestic politics.warns the British daily.

Macron’s pre-election warning

The French left, “divided in recent months by the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, or by the personalism of Jean-Luc Mélenchon”its “united” Monday, relief El País. PS, EELV, PCF and LFI called for “the constitution of a popular front” and indicated that he wanted “support unique applications from the first round” legislative elections, in a press release also signed by Place publique and Générations, published at the end of an afternoon of negotiations. “This ‘new popular front’ would bring together the radical and eurosceptic left, the pro-EU and pro-NATO social democrats and the unions”, specifies the media. The left has also put on the table the name of a potential Prime Minister, the ex-unionist Laurent Berger.

Emmanuel Macron, who will enter the campaign on Tuesday by holding a press conference in the afternoon, addressed “a pre-election warning” in the country, “evoking the horrors of fascism” in Oradour-sur-Glane, REMARK The Times. At a ceremony 80 years after the massacre of the village’s inhabitants by the Nazis, the French president, accompanied by his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, declared that the story should not be allowed to “restart”, reports the British newspaper. And this “a few hours after announcing a vote which could propel the RN to power”.

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