Trump embraces cryptocurrencies and lashes out at Biden: ‘I will never let crypto die’”

Former President Donald Trump expressed his support for cryptocurrency during his speech at the Libertarian National Convention. He emphasized his positive attitude towards the industry and criticized the anti-crypto stance of current President Biden.

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Trump vs. Biden: A battle for crypto

While Trump openly expresses his support for crypto, Biden is under pressure for his anti-crypto policy. This contradiction is reflected in the approval of eight spot Ethereum ETF applications by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), indicating growing acceptance of crypto within the traditional financial world.

The role of cryptocurrencies in 2024 elections

Although only a small portion of American voters use crypto, it remains one important role play in American politics. With several crypto companies willing to spend over $80 million on the upcoming elections, it is clear that crypto issues are being taken seriously in the political arena.

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